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New Zealand is one of the most popular places for hunting in the world.

Hunting is an exciting sport, and because of this, several people – both locals and visitors – engage in it. There are lots of places where you can do this and there is amyriad of animals you can choose from (New Zealand is known for its wildlife). New Zealand welcomes hunters from any location around the world to hunt. There are many different types of hunting and a wide range of game to choose to, whether it is a rabbit, deer, possum, or even wild boar.

Team of Professional Combat Veterans

All our trainers are with a massive military, security service, and law enforcement background.

Contact us and meet them in person at the initial group meeting before the courses begin. You can sign up for private lessons too in case you are in a hurry to level up your shooting skills and practice.

An ethical hunter will:

learn about several quarries, understand the concept of fair chase,

be proud of hunting, acknowledge the legal limits of the sport, and work on his hunting skills via constant practice. What a good hunter will not do is to hunt out of season or hunt on private property. An ethical hunter shows respect to fellow hunters and is driven by love for the sport.
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Top North island hunting locations

At the Wairarapa district of Wellington, there are three forest parks that are perfect for hunting. These are Rimutaka, Aorangi, and Tararua.

Location is an important consideration before you start hunting. At Manawatu-Whanganui region, you will discover some of the most remote hunting locations. There is a great number of animals you can choose from. These include deer, goats, wild pigs, and fallow deer. You can learn more about the destination categories in Manatawu and Whanganui.

On how to hunt ethically in New Zealand
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On how to hunt ethically in New Zealand
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On how to hunt ethically in New Zealand

Top South Island hunting locations

At Otago and Southland, the Hawea Conservation Park is filled with aplethora of games. You can find animals like Chamois, red deer, and tahr.

At Nelson Lakes national park, you can find animals like chamois, red deer, goats, pigs, fallow, and tahr. You can also hunt small games like black swans, ducks, geese, pigeons, rabbits, quails, possums, and hares. In the Canterbury region, farms such as Kaiwarua station and Caberfeidh farms offer great hunting trips. At Rata Peaks station, there are animals you can hunt in the Hakatere and TeKahuiKaupeke Conservation Park. These are rams, goats, red deer, and tahr.

Family Time

Some people believe hunting to be an individual activity. Yet, it can be done with the whole family. The kids can also be taught how to hunt ethically. Hunting with the family offers the perfect chance to teach kids how to respect wildlife and the land. In a way, it brings the family together.

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We appreciate and value our clients` opinion greatly. We aspire to perfection by sharpening our training skills and improving the training facilities. Your feedback matters a lot to us and helps become better.
Robert Smith

If you are looking for a great instructor with an individual approach, this is the place you should try 100%

Robert Smith

Jack Tompson

I liked how professional the trainers were. This experience was exactly what I needed to upgrade my skills

Jack Tompson


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